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Interviews Coming Soon

Damon Mercadante - VP Programmatic Marketing, CBS Interactive Group

A view from the bridge, a leading programmatic marketer and TV provider shares tips for today's marketer.

Mike Fisher - VP Advanced TV , Mediamath

Mike views the digital TV ad business as being available TODAY,  if you want to start and scale, listen in.

Jessica Hindlian - LiveRamp


Data and TV Buying -  all you need to know from LiveRamp

Chris Flatley - SlingTV

Sling were the pioneer in the  OTT streaming TV market,  Listen in to find out more on TVadbuying with SlingTV.

James Mcnamara - SVP Nielsen

TV measurement is changing, find out how to evolve your measurements to the digital age,

Allen Klosowski, SVP Advanced Solutions, SpotX

SpotX TV ad serving

Videoadserving is key to transparency and efficiency. Hear about 2019 opportunities from one of the largest TV Ad Servers in market.

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Elements of Digital TVAdBuying - The Story

What are the basic essentials for TV Ad buying ?


TVApocalypse - The Book

A forthcoming book about digital advertising and its disruptive impact on TV advertising.

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