Content And Inventory


 Here’s a number of the most common terms.

> Full-Episode Player (FEP) |   “Full-episode player” (FEP) refers to professionally produced, TV-like  content that can appear on any device type, across both apps and web  browsers. This means that the content is television length, typically  30-60 minutes, with commercial breaks in between. FEP content is  inclusive of things like the news, stand-up comedy, cooking shows, etc.

> Live Streaming |   “Live streaming” means that the television content you’re watching is  being streamed in real time over the internet. This live content is  usually delivered by a paid streaming service, or directly by the  network.

> Video On Demand (VOD)  | Viewers don’t plan their schedules around TV — they fit TV into their  own busy schedules. Video on demand (VOD) is becoming increasingly  popular, because it allows users to watch the content they like at the  times they want to watch it. Missing an episode isn’t a problem; VOD  content is available to stream or download after it airs live.

> Living Room Quality CTV | This  is live or on-demand, ad-supported programming through an internet  connection (not via a paid cable or satellite provider), from blue chip  broadcast and content companies. This content is primarily viewed on a  large screen/HD TV in the living room but can also be viewed via these  companies’ apps on a mobile phone, tablet, or OTT device such as an  Apple TV. This is brand safe, quality programming served via an IP  address and in a format that enables a more personalized ad experience.

> Direct to Consumer (DTC) | This  refers to delivering content without using a middleman. For example,  Netflix serves their content direct to consumers without using a  network.