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Global TV and Video Trends by SpotX


The last decade has seen tremendous growth in the TV space. With more  content than ever before and an increasing number of methods to consume  it, we are truly in the middle of a shift from linear TV to Total Video  encompassing all screens and all streams.

Download your copy to learn about five key trends contributing to and  shaping the continued evolution of television and the way we define and  consume video.

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The Nielsen Local Watch Report The Evolving Over-the-Air Home


As of May 2018, more than 14% of all TV households—or 16 million  homes—have “over-the-air” (OTA) TV status, and that number is on the  rise. As consumers look for more on-demand and cost-effective options,  there has been a resurgence in this cable status segment. However, to  really understand this trend you need to understand what OTA homes  actually look like—who’s in them, and how they engage with media.

We’ve found that two prominent OTA segments are co-existing, with  very different profiles and media habits. One type of OTA home has at  least one SVOD service, while the other has no SVOD service. When we say  SVOD, we are talking about the pay services, Netflix, Hulu (not Hulu  Live), and Amazon Prime Video. The “No SVOD” homes tend to be older,  more diverse and have a smaller median income, compared to the “Plus  SVOD” segment, which skews younger, more affluent and more  device-connected.

A Growing Trend

The number of OTA homes is growing, with more pronounced growth in  recent years. The percent of homes without traditional cable (wired or  satellite) has increased 48% over the past eight years, totaling 16  million homes as of May 2018.

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TV Attribution By the Video Advertising Bureau


Digital media by its very nature is easily correlated to online  behavior and response metrics, whereas the impact of TV advertising and  other offline media has been more challenging to measure.

Once confined to brand and awareness metrics, the world of TV  attribution has now expanded to measure responses and assign value  throughout the purchase funnel.

This paper, produced in partnership with The FreeWheel Council for  Premium Video (FWC), focuses on that evolution by illustrating TV’s  value in the marketing mix through a range of “real world” case studies  from across the industry while also providing a comprehensive yet simple  understanding of attribution.

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